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The South East Young Members' Forum has launched a new campaign aimed at persuading the government to introduce rent capping in the South East

The South East has the second highest median rents, where private rental properties cost an average of £852 per month.

The median rental values in London and the South East have grown by nearly four times as much as the national average, at over 4% in the year 2015.

While rent is rising at these levels, wages are not, creating property which is unaffordable to people in full time work, and affecting young people disproportionately.

These statistics translate to people typically spending over half of their salaries on rent, with the problems escalating as the supply of properties simply fails to meet demands.

In order to address these issues, it is imperative the government introduce regulations to control the cost of rent, and skew the balance of power away from landlords, and towards tenants.

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