UNISON has almost one million women members - more than two thirds of our union. Women still earn a lot less than men and face sex discrimination and harassment at work. Our members also juggle work and home commitments. Many have caring responsibilities and almost half work part-time. This is why UNISON takes a lead on negotiating and campaigning on women's rights at work and in the community.

Women must be able to participate fully in union activities and decision-making. We can only achieve our goal of promoting equality at work, in the community, in public services and in the union itself through active organisation to break down the barriers

 The South East region also has a women's committee (also known as a self-organised group) that campaign for improvements to women’s rights in the workplace and in the wider community and support campaigns aimed at improving women's lives - for example, to change the law to protect women experiencing domestic violence, or to raise awareness of health issues which mainly affect women.  

The Women’s Committee meet on a regular basis to develop policies, promote equality and encourage wider participation of women members at all levels of the union.  The Committee also provide a number of courses for women each year such as, ‘Women’s History’, ‘Assertiveness Skills’, ‘Women, Work and Health’ -  for more information please see the Regional Education programme.  

As a member of UNISON, you have the support and guidance of thousands of other women members, who face the same workplace challenges as you. If you encounter issues such as the gender pay gap or denial of your maternity rights, UNISON can help you with practical information, support and legal advice.

For more information about the committee, or on setting up a women's self organised group in your branch, please contact Fiona Roberts.  A new guide to setting up a branch women members self organised group is available for your to download along with other supporting materials below.

A number of other resources and training is available for women members in the South East region, please see the below links for more information:

Women's Campaigning Guide 2016-2017 - CLICK HERE

A guide to setting up a branch women members self organised group - CLICK HERE

NEW! Women's Courses 2017 - CLICK HERE

Branch Women's Officer Passport, 16 days that will change your life!!

The Branch Women's Officer Passport is for women elected as Branch Women's Officers, the courses listed in the passport will give you the skills and knowledge you need to support the women in your branch.  Find out more HERE.

NEW & UPDATED 2016!! Women's Pregnancy Rights at Work   CLICK HERE

NEW!! A full list of women's resources to supporting you in the workplace can be found HERE



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Cathy Roblin


Regional Women’s Committee Vice Chairs 

Emma Kettle

Tania McGee


Regional Women’s Officer

Fiona Roberts

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